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Bitdefender Central is a one-stop security platform that offers the best protection to your system and data. They have designed it to provide its users with a smooth Bitdefender product usage experience. This will also help you to use the application on all devices like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. 

This is a web platform that is packed with various features. These features will help the Bitdefender products to stand out in the cybersecurity market. For a better understanding of Bitdefender Central, look at all the features mentioned below. 
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Features Of Bitdefender Central

  • Bitdefender Central works as a Parental Advisor

With the help of, you can keep full control over your child’s online activity. Also, you can protect them from cyber threats, loss of data, access irrelevant information, and much more. As a Parental Advisor it provides the following features:

  • You can check the time your child is spending online and can also view the websites they are visiting. 
  • Get complete information about the contacts your child is having on their smartphones, applications they have installed, and much more. 
  • You can block the websites that you don’t want them to access. 
  • Bitdefender Central notifies parents when their child enters or leaves the listed locations.
  • You can monitor their social media accounts and get complete information about their activities on these accounts. 
  • Set the duration for web surfing to avoid overuse of the internet. 
  • You can have Technical Assistance

Bitdefender Central shows all the Tech Assist services available for your account. In the portal, you can make the purchase for new technical assistance and experience world-class support services. 

  • Manage your Bitdefender Subscription

Using the Bitdefender central platform, you will get complete information about your subscription. This will make it much easier to manage your purchase. You can see the devices on which you are using the subscription, get a link to activate your Bitdefender product, know when your subscription is going to expire, and much more. 

  • Provides ultimate security

In order to offer ultimate security to your product, Bitdefender Central is designed. Now, you can locate your phone in case it is stolen. In such situations, it sends you alerts about your device. Then, you can trace the device. You can also lock your stolen device for keeping it safe from unauthorized access. 

  • You can manage your Networks

With this platform, you can easily manage the networks across multiple devices. It allows you to change the network name and password, pause the connection, get notification about unauthorized access, checks the connectivity status, and much more. 

  • Use the application across multiple devices

If an application is restricted to some devices, then it might create difficulties for the users. Buying different protection softwares for different devices becomes quite expensive. But, with the introduction of Bitdefender Central, you can use the application on multiple devices like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. This will allow you to protect all the devices from one platform. 

  • Along with all these, Bitdefender Central also helps you to manage your account by changing the password, username, and other details. You will also receive personalized offers, and much more. 

These are some of the advantages that make Bitdefender Central a must to access platform. Using this will enhance your experience and will allow you to provide your device with the best protection.